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We do not have Assistant Scouters!

It has come to our attention that someone is contacting people through Facebook claiming to be a Scout for Cameo Models. They are not working for us.
If you are interested in joining our roster at Cameo Models please email lena@cameomodels.com.

CAMEO MODELS is scouting for Women 15+, 5'9"+ and Men 18+, 6'0"+.
Please email lena@cameomodels.com


Cameo Models is thrilled to work with Waterloo Central Railway for the Polar Express and Santa Trains and we have cast: TALIESIN R, HAYDEN B, BEN K, LOGAN B, TYRAH W, CHRISTINE C, DYLAN B, HANNA T, SAMANTHA K, ABBY S, JACKSON B, CASSIDY P, SHAY H, BRYNN D, BAILEY W, MICHELLE L, JOEY K, LAUREN B, MATT H, BILLY E, GLENN H, DAVID O, TYE H, MEGAN ALYSSA D, MICHELLE D, SYREETA V, JOSH K, EMMA B with more being added!
SARAH B shot for Noon on the Moon!
TRACEY R shot for Things Engraved!
MEGAN F worked for amika!
SYREETA V did a hair show for TIGI!
MEGAN ALYSSA shot for a new client!
We welcome MATT H to our Men's Division!

We keep our models and talent busy!