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We do not have Assistant Scouters!

It has come to our attention that someone is contact people through Facebook claiming to be a Scout for Cameo Models. They are not working for us.
If you are interested in joining our roster at Cameo Models please email lena@cameomodels.com.

CAMEO MODELS is scouting for Women 15+, 5'9"+ and Men 18+, 6'0"+.
Please email lena@cameomodels.com


SARAH B signed with Elite Models in Toronto!
JACKSON B signed with B&M Models in Toronto!
DEK H shot for an upcoming magazine editorial!
MICHELLE T and DERRICK R shot a great campaign!
SARAH B has been booked for a new e comm photo shoot!
TYE H shot for Magnusmode twice and was called for another booking too!
MICHELLE T and DEK H did a video shoot for Broil King!
MICHELLE L was in a Record article!
ERIN H was on location to shoot a corporate video!
SHAY H is heading to Toronto to audition for a upcoming feature film!
SCOTT B has been booked for an upcoming photo shoot!
We welcome NIK K to our Men's Division!

We keep our models and talent busy!