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Cameo Models provides students with classes that improve their self confidence. Not all our students go on to model but
they like to know how to be their best! Others come to Cameo to learn all about the business in a professional and safe location. After taking our course, those that are interested can be evaluated to see if they have what it takes to move on to larger markets.Our staff includes certified and experienced instructors who enjoy passing on their knowledge to our students.

To register or for more information please email lena@cameomodels.com or call 519-222-7624.


Cameo Models will be offering a 16 week Modelling/Talent Course for boys and girls that runs 1 hour a week (total of 15 hours with the photo shoot taking place as the last class). This program will cover material in runway instruction, photography posing, personal grooming and acting. The course will include a professional photo session and 2 digital images to end the course in style! The cost of this program is $425. A non-refundable deposit of $225 is required upon registration. All students will have the option of being added to our website for 1 year following completion for the course and photo shoot.

                                      Teens will love the current topics while learning to increase their self esteem and poise.

                                                                                 New classes planned for the fall.


This class runs for 4 hours over 2 weeks, come learn about social media etiquette, workplace/classroom etiquette, how to apply make up and clothing selection for your body type. Depending on interest, the itinerary will change per class. Classes will be provided for girls, boys and adults too!

The cost, $100/4 hours.

Please email for more information, lena@cameomodels.com








Make up application and personal development classes for adults can be scheduled at your convenience. Come out to an entertaining class and learn how to apply a 5 minute face in the morning; we can help you with your styling questions; and your posture too! Is there a topic you would like to focus on? Bring your ideas to us. Prices will be based on class content and duration.










We can accommodate girl's night out sessions for you and your friends to walk the runway or learn to apply make-up.

We can provide individualized attention with one-on-one classes for those that would like to learn at their own pace.

We can create a program for you or your group. Please email us for more information, rates and date availability.




Do I need to bring anything to class?

You can bring a pen and paper to take notes. If attending the runway classes please bring a pair of shoes that are not rubber soled so that turning on the runway is easier.

If I take your modelling classes, am I a model?

We provide everyone with proper runway technique and skills in front of the camera. After graduation you will have the ability to carry yourself like a model. After the completion of our Modelling & Talent Course you will be added to our website for 1 year. If you are interested in working beyond our market we can meet with you to discuss any future goals you have in modelling or acting and see if we can help you achieve those goals.

I have a 2 year old who likes to act, will you accept her at Cameo?

No, sorry, we represent kids starting at age 4 and our classes are for children 4 and up as well.